Charm Sketches
Conceptual sketching stage of making charms for keychains to sell.
Finished Charm Concept
Polished designs for the charms to be used for promotional work and for manufacturer.
Final Keychain Product
Keychains after receiving the product from the manufacturer and assembly. Ready to be packaged and sold.
Pokemon Go Designs
Finished designs made for T-shirts, mugs, and phone cases for DesignByHumans
Final T-Shirt Product
Finished design printed on a T-shirt from DesignByHumans
Web Design for Discovery Channel
Designed websites and layouts for Discovery's STEM online classes during a graphic design Internship. Project was to follow strict branding guidelines and be simplified for everyone to use.
Branding Vector Work
Personal vector work for online branding.
Party Promotion Example
Party promotional material custom made with branding for social media promoting.
Holiday Branding
Holiday branding for social media
Annie Character Turn Around
Character design 'Annie' for a personal animation project. It was designed for easy reference for 3D modeling.
Finished Annie Model
Design translated into 3D model for animation.
Metal Pin Design
Gold pin concept currently in development.
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More examples of promotional material of products I've created and sell online: